Much of real-life education begins when we leave traditional schooling. I say this not out of disrespect, but because time, age, travels, conversations, observations and experiences tend to help us form our own opinions rather than recite those of others. While in our youth it’s difficult to overcome peer pressure. Ideally our years of living  aggregate into an openness to assess ideas and weed through opinions presented as fact — so we can make our own decisions.

Life-long education is both a responsibility and a gift. Assuming our brain is functioning we have the capability to be open-minded, to listen, and learn. We need to discuss our differences respectfully; with questions vs. attacks, to engage in solution-finding conversation.

The responsibility part of self-education comes from understanding the importance of listening to extremes of opinions — as hard as that might be. Like a pendulum swings far right and then far left — it is the extremes that enable us to form opinions that reflect the middle. 

Daily self-education means taking the time to read multiple resources, question, discuss, delve, doubt, and probe while also being willing to be the recipient of opinions or beliefs from others, as well. Only by committing to daily learning, to self-educating, and to fact-finding, can we truly become wise.

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