While I have opinions, I don’t like having opinions. I don’t like being asked my opinions because I prefer to discuss ideas conceptually.  I rarely see things as black and white, although right and wrong certainly exist. 

I see all the complexity of the grays that lie in between black and white. Sometimes in my efforts to understand things beyond my comprehension, I’m that pain in the arse who proposes an opposite idea, strictly to test the strength of the original opinion. It helps me develop reason.

We all have opinions, and at times we believe we should fight for them. Sometimes our opinions change. Holding firm to an opinion can become a lonely affair. Sometimes opinions are comforting and form the basis of relationships. Yet, it becomes destructive for all if one mistakenly believes that personal worth is tied to our opinions and that any opposing views diminish anyone’s worth or value. 

When we are firmly set in our opinions, it’s hard to be open to new ideas. Our resistance can stall progress and necessary conversations to move forward. There are usually many reasons to explore the gray.

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