Some days I still think of myself as a blonde. So it’s always a little startling when I see my white hair juxtaposed against a blonde or frankly any other hair color! Obviously — or maybe not! — this forgetting thing is not because I’ve lost my marbles. My elevator still goes to the top floor. 😉  Rather I think it’s because I don’t understand time. I’ve tried to comprehend it so many times in so many ways. Yet, my memory refuses to concede to my wishes. Instead, fortunately for me, I can be in 5 hours of traffic for a three hour trip, and genuinely not notice. My days fly by and I’m constantly trying to figure out how to extend them without becoming exhausted. There’s far too much going on in my head and because of this, time passes timelessly.  Yes, I show up on time. And to me, on time means 10 minutes early! Yes I know approximately 22 and 19 years ago I had children — and while they’ll always be my babies, and they aren’t babies anymore. Time passed.  I know I used to give a hug to my Mother or Father — and while I can’t do that physically anymore, I still talk with them as their memories are alive and well in my head.  So, time passes. We age. Yet every minute of the journey can feel like a split second or an eternity — depending upon how we see it. Somedays I wish I could stop the clock. Others I’m wholly attuned to the unreasonable nature of that request. Yet, today, tomorrow and the next, I intend to live so that when my time comes — I’m ready, whenever that day arrives. Why will I be ready? Because in my ways, that surely weren’t and won’t always be perfect, I really tried to cram in and enjoy every moment along with the people who made those moments most exceptional. 

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