Have you ever wondered what a registered dietician eats? McKenzie Flinchum, owner of Flexible Dietetics, works with clients to make individualized plans to meet their nutritional goals. After checking out some of her videos and photos on her popular Instagram page, Silver Disobedience® wanted to find out what food she eats as well as which products supplement her diet. After all, we decided that her daily routine must be working for her because McKenzie competed in the 2019 CrossFit Games, which is an intense competition open to the top athletes from all over the world. Below McKenzie shares her top picks for staying fit and strong.

Super Supplements

Built by Strength Protein Powder:  McKenzie says, “I like this protein powder because it is NSF Certified for Sport®, so it was deemed to be clean and safe. It is a grass-fed whey protein powder with 25g protein per serving that mixes well and tastes great.  I feel it helps me meet my protein goals.”

Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules: “I take a serving of these daily to help ensure I am meeting vitamin needs plus getting added benefits from nutrients found in fruits and vegetables,” says McKenzie.

CocoaVia™ Cocoa Flavanol Drink Mix: This is a new one for McKenzie who shared on Instagram that she “likes to mix it with warm milk to simulate the taste of hot cocoa with the potential benefits of cocoa flavanols but no added sugars.”

Morning Must-Haves

Rio Coco coffee: “A daily ritual for me is starting my morning with a cup or two of Rio Coco coffee,” McKenzie shared. She’s a believer that moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, and said, “I drink it before working out, as caffeine consumption prior to exercise has been shown to benefit performance. Rio Coco coffee comes in a variety of great flavors and intensities and it is for a good cause, as proceeds go to a school project in Nicaragua to educate children.”

Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix: “Pancakes, or shall I say flapjacks, made from this mix are one of my go-to breakfast foods. The pancakes are 100 percent whole grain, protein rich and available a variety of flavors. They are not only tasty and filling, but also are a good source of fiber while offering a good balance of macronutrients.” Sounds yummy, McKenzie! Thanks for the tip!

Favorite Foods 

Asked about favorite whole foods, McKenzie offered three for starters:  “Rice is my favorite type of grain. It is filling, satisfying and super versatile. Rice mixes well with almost any style meal, and I use it as a base in most of my lunches as a great, nutritious carbohydrate source.”

“Salmon is loaded with healthy fats. These fats are the ones I strive to get in my diet. Unsaturated, anti-inflammatory fats from salmon are heart healthy. If you get tired of salmon, there are so many new and creative ways to cook it. Try cedar plank salmon or salmon burgers!”

“Sweet potatoes are naturally very sweet and pair really great with savory foods to help balance out the flavors of a meal. They are full of vitamin A, a nutritious source of carbohydrates, and they are super versatile. They can be baked, twice baked, turned into a casserole, chopped and roasted for salads, or even turned into baked fries.”

Whether you are an athlete who is training for the next competition or someone who is looking to incorporate a healthy balance into your lifestyle, simple tips from a registered dietician and world-recognized athlete like McKenzie may be worth looking into. Of course, before starting any diet or exercise program it is best to speak with a medical professional.

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