The other day I had plans to go meet my agent at Wilhelmina in their new office. On route, like most of my days, I seem to end up in all kinds of conversations with strangers who quickly feel like new friends. This day was no different. I walked out of my building and encountered a creative crew: A man in a spectacular brocade red suit, a female photographer + others. Picking up on each other’s energy — suddenly we were taking photos together & exchanging Instagram handles. It was the lovely film crew for @auvere_true_gold  Next, I round the corner and a young man on a bike starts chatting it up as we’re waiting for the light to change. He asks me if I’m an actor and I say “No, but my guess is that you’re a musician.” He’s thrilled by my guess and starts telling me about the music he’s producing. He asks if we can exchange Facebook links. But somehow his won’t pull up. I assure him we’ll likely cross paths again. Next I make it to Hudson Yards. I walk there often and I was sure I knew where I was going. I confidently stroll past a sharp dressed gentleman in a suit, top hat and shades having a conversation. We smile, exchange acknowledging compliments regarding the mutual energy that we positive both freely share. A few moments later, I realize I’m lost, so I’m back asking him if he knows where the building is that I’m trying to find. He tells me his name is Sean Marshall @lionsnarthex and that he’s the visitor ambassador for Hudson Yards. He offers to walk me quite a distance to get me to the building I’m trying to locate. Along the way, we exchange Instagram info and learn a bit about each other.

Some days I pass people pissing on the streets and I wonder if the world and all decorum is collapsing. Then, I am reminded by moments like these, when I meet one fabulous person after another, that there isn’t just a little good in the world — there’s LOTS of good!  All of these people shared their energy — giving me their gift —  as I shared mine in return. I think all of our days were made brighter and once again I’m reminded of why I love living in New York City….and why I do love our @Instagram connection:  It’s because of We the People. 

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