Because I’m regularly asked (and I do appreciate the generously kind underlying sentiment of the question): “Do you ever take a bad picture?” — please let me address some facts: 1) I prefer to post photos that make me look better than I do. 2) Most social media apps tap into the fantasy side of life more so than the realities. 3) Fashion is art and art is creativity. It is designed to draw us into a world of illusions —to capture our attention so we are transported to see things differently and from new perspectives.  4) This makes social media amusing & fun — but not always the best source for fact finding. 5) I study perspectives. How they are influenced. What makes us hold onto them. Why we develop a certain perspective over another. 6) So in conclusion, I love to imaginatively play on social media with imagery—but I like to keep my words and essays real. This keeps my ego anchored…especially if I occasionally share the photos on the cutting room floor! 😉