Nothing compares to the experience of doing. For example, almost 5 years ago when I started writing this blog (because a social media profile is a basic requirement of modeling and I didn’t want to just post photos) I had no idea what I signed up for. Now 1900+ blogs later along with more photos & videos than I can count…I have learned an entirely new industry from the ground up: Content Production. ✨ While I’ve owned a public relations firm for 25+ years, our work primarily focuses on advisory, securing interviews, ghostwriting and placing articles in the array of media outlets for very regulated companies. ✨ Now? In addition to that role, daily blogging has helped me learn photography & video production — from hiring the right team, to the importance of lighting, to set locations, to scripting, to film editing + more – like details of building & maintaining a website; the intricacies of each social media platform which are oh-so-different; navigating the dynamics of a growing community on each platform — the personalities of which are as equally unique as the platform; balance; appropriateness; self-control; the discipline of writing daily; the organization & planning necessary to make sure I’m able to deliver daily content; negotiating with all kinds of partners and saying “No thank you,” to even more; and so many other factors that five years ago were beyond imagination. ✨In retrospect, now smack in the middle, fully immersed in this adventure, I can only say I highly recommend challenging yourself to do whatever it is you think about, dream about or secretly consider. At now 62, I can’t imagine stopping! My brain is more fired up than ever. My imagination sees possibilities for new blogs in every conversation & in every moment. My heart has been opened wider than I could have ever imagined thanks to the feedback & comments you’ve generously shared along with your time. Basically: My point is that challenging yourself to try something new at any age is life extending. I don’t know how long I’ll live: BUT, the Life in my days has been extended by this adventure beyond my wildest dreams. What will you challenge yourself with to add more Life to your days? ✨