Life is a combo of sprints and long distance running. Sprinting requires bursts of energy in the moment. Long distance is all about pacing and planning how we’re going to allocate our energy along the way to reach the finish line. 

In the literal sense, I walk for exercise, but when it comes to living life, I practice both sprinting and pacing for what I hope will be a very long race.

Life demands moments of immense power and strength — to push forward, hold our heads high, and keep our acts together. The sprint analogy fits for when we have our moments of doubt or possibly it is unexpected wonderful opportunities where we just have to jump start our energy and go for it.  

Pacing for the long haul relates to things like patience and commitment. Great things that last rarely come from instant gratification moments: Greatness in anything builds with time and by chipping away at whatever the objective is, building our strength to confront the energy demand, stamina, fortitude and perseverance.

Relationships, health, careers and even retirement all require us to consider our short-term and long-term perspectives. And, while sprinting through life at times is regularly demanded, pacing and enjoying the scenery is important, too, as we push ourselves forward to wherever we want to finish. 

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