“There’s a difference between giving up and starting over,” someone once said. Who that someone is? I don’t know, but I do know the thought isn’t wholly original so I’m giving credit to someone. 

I have bad days. I know you do, too. Some days we want to quit. Quitting is not always a bad idea. Sometimes it is exactly what we need to do…or not. 

But regardless, I like to stay more focused on starting over. You see, every day that I wake up? I wholly believe that I’m starting over. For an example, I’ve known since my first day in business that my clients don’t want to hear about what my team and I accomplished on their behalf yesterday. They want to hear what we’re doing for them today. 

This is a good lesson to learn. I remind myself of it every day I wake up. 

A new dawn, a new day, a clean slate to start over again: Chipping away. Knowing small changes eventually form a foundation strong enough to hold big results

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