A man was hosting a banquet. He invited all the wealthy friends he had. One arrived dressed in a torn and dirty hooded coat that he had worn all day while he worked side-by-side with his men, tilling the land of his vast fields. The host, not recognizing his friend, chased him away without extending a kind gesture. The man went home, changed into his formal coat and returned. With great respect he was then welcomed by all. As he entered the banquet room, he put his fine coat on a chair and said: “I expect you invited the robe since you showed me away a little while ago,” and he left.

When I think of this little zen parable it reminds me of so many perceptions today, many of which are magnified by social media.

Life is about the people, not the possessions. While possessions are nice, they do not define our value.

I’m Dian Griesel aka @SilverDisobedience