At this stage of our lives, we’ve been around the proverbial block a few times. The array of daily comments on this blog confirm we are a group with plenty of stamina, grit, resilience and staying power.  We’re fighters who have worked our ways through life—often feeling like we’ve been challenged at every turn. As such, for some, as exhausting as it is, it’s hard to stop fighting. To just step back, listen, drop it, let it go, ignore, move on, chill, stop, reflect and shutdown our response before it flies out.

Why is is it sometimes so hard? Because on some level we feel as if we have to make sure our value, worth, hard work, sacrifice, commitment, time, energy and everything else we share….get’s noticed.

Well, here’s the thing: None of all that might ever get recognized or rewarded by others. And you know what, we still have to pull up our own pants, put on our big boys & girls smiles and go out to face the world. We have to know in our hearts that whether anyone notices or not— each effort we put forth daily was important in some way…even if the only person who notices our efforts and growth is ourselves.

PS: Am I boring you yet?  I hope not…but I seem to be putting these two guys asleep!

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