There are days when I feel that my life has gone by in blink of an eye. Then other days, when our kids are just getting ready to leave the house at way past dark, I recall that it was many lifetimes ago that I, too, believed that life begins at 11pm.  

I think about those days when I’d just moved to New York City. I was working, but by cost of NYC living standards? I was broke. I’d come home from work, steam a bag of carrots for dinner, take a nap, wake up at 10pm to get ready and hope that the doorman in charge of the velvet rope at some club would let me in without a cover charge when I arrived at 11:30 ready to dance for 3 hours before I’d head home to sleep a few hours before waking up to go to work again.

My kids can’t believe those days ever existed for their Mom who now often crashes by 8:30 and considers 10pm after my bedtime!

I wouldn’t want to have missed those days and I love my life now. Yet I realize, it didn’t pass in a blink. I had many lives between 24 and my current 62. Ups, downs and plenty of all arounds and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I think I needed it all to appreciate life now. Ok, yes, there were moments I’d have liked to have skipped — (or so others sometimes remind me!) But honestly, I don’t remember them. I’ve honed what I choose to remember and what I have firmly decided will not be revisited.  And it is within that decision, the choice — of what I will and won’t revisit — that I believe is at the core of who I am today. 

Just some early morning musings…

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