One of the best parts of age is that personal insecurity angst is largely behind us. Of course we all still have moments when we we slip into anxiety about ourselves and how we relate to situations within our worlds, but hopefully we’ve released ourselves from the majority of the angst that teenagers are associated with. That “oh-I’m-so-misunderstood” has been largely replaced with “who gives a hoot” attitude. And you know what? This may actually be one of the biggest benefits of age. The quest for perfection is stressful and can backfire! While aiming for personal excellence or desiring to do the best we can is motivating goal— aiming for perfection tends to be a stress-triggering imaginary elusive goal that keeps us from feeling satisfied with what we have accomplished along the way.

“That ‘oh-I’m-so-misunderstood’ has been largely replaced with ‘who gives a hoot’ attitude. And you know what? This may actually be one of the biggest benefits of age.”

Did you know that according to research that was published a few years back in the Journal of Health Psychology, “perfectionistic seniors,” or those moving into their fifties and beyond, have a 51% higher mortality rate than those who approach life with a more laid back attitude. In light of this, it would be both kind to yourself and wise to do a self-inventory that assesses those areas where we’re driving ourselves too aggressively, and maybe figure out some ways we can ease off the pedal. We ultimately all arrive at the same destination (and let’s hope it’s a long long way away.) But how we get there will vary greatly. Life will be remembered in the end as a wonderful or stress-filled journey based on how we choose to treat ourselves during the ride.

Today is a good day to accept that perfection is over-rated. Let’s just aim for being our own best selves…who know how to enjoy & appreciate life in the process.

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