The best time of day to set an intention for the day is the moment you wake up.   When we awake from sleep and return to conscious life, our mind is in an especially receptive and impressionable state. For the prior several hours (hopefully several!) our brains have had a rest from the material world and are in a more free and natural state, ready for us to set an intention and leave an impression.  

It’s like having a clean sheet of paper. A fresh story to tell.  A new dawn.  A fresh beginning. While there will be things we can’t control, our intention is ours to set.  

Yesterdays are yesterdays. Tomorrow will be tomorrow.  But now, each new dawn is your new beginning. So, before the day’s activities start along with all related distractions, allow yourself just 5 minutes to establish what you’d like the tone of the day to reflect.  If you can, keep the first hour of your day simple. Allow yourself time to soak up the possibilities. 

PS: If you need help setting intentions, listen to my 26 Minute Meditation. You can find it at  and also on every other major podcast network from iTunes to Spotify and everything in between!

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