The Bathing Boy, a tale by Aesop, a Greek slave who lived some 2,500 years ago is still timeless today.  I have several collections Aesop’s tales and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over the next few days. I hope you enjoy thinking about them as much as I do. ✨ On one of the last days of winter as it turned to spring, a boy walking along the river bank couldn’t resits stripping off his clothes to take his first swim of the year. Upon plunging in, the boy quickly began to lose his swimming ability from the shock of the cold water and fast currents.  “Help! I’m drowning! Please save me!” he screamed. ✨

A traveler along the shoreline noticed and instead of jumping in to save the lad, called out: “You foolish young boy. Don’t you realize it’s not the season to go swimming? What would your parents say if they knew you were in the river this time of year! I should report you to the authorities. What were you thinking?”  ✨

“Save me now, Sir,” interrupted the struggling child. “Read me the lecture later. ✨

The Moral of the Story:  There is a time and a place for everything. 

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