Many people feel alone in the world. I think this happens for a variety of reasons that can be challenged and reframed.  First off we have to be genuinely open to all people and then carefully choose those whom we believe are trust-worthy. We won’t always get it right, but with practice and plenty of observation, our perceptions and insights regarding others will improve if we choose to be truthful with ourselves. And we must be truthful with ourselves because to end loneliness  means we must risk communicating our deepest feelings — including fears. This is because when we keep our deep feelings under wraps, we stay stuck in the illusion of separateness from others.  

Next I think we all worry a bit that if we love others and try to get more intimate, we falsely believe we are taking on responsibility for their emotions and growth.  The one exception is children — but even then, children are on their own journey and do well by understanding that our desires and theirs may not always be mutual.  The reality is that we can love others and be very compassionate without getting caught up in their emotional predicaments. In fact, for mature relationships to thrive, it is essential that we do so. The problems others face — and ourselves as well — are messages that we need to confront and resolve for our own growth and sense of self-worth. Nobody on this Earth can save us and do it for us. 

All this is not a recommendation to become a victim of our emotions, spouting whatever we’re feeling everywhere. Rather it means we tune in, stay centered, act lovingly, speak from our personal truth and heart. Equally importantly it means that whenever possible we avoid acting when we are emotionally upset because this deprives us of the learning and growth that is best found in observation, then assessment and action.  From this position, love and greater consciousness grow which in turn increases our connection with others. 

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