In a 2015 interview at the Smithsonian, to a standing crowd, Eddie Van Halen was asked if he was living the American Dream. He said: “We came here with approximately $50 and a piano, and we didn’t speak the language. Now look where we are. If that’s not the American Dream, what is?”  Elaborating about what it meant to him to be living in the United States he said: “I’m very proud to be an American, for one. It’s freedom. And a country of opportunity where if you have a dream, a gift, a talent, and a passion — IF YOU WORK YOUR TAIL OFF (bold mine) — you still have the opportunity to achieve anything you want to achieve.”

Certainly for those of us who grew up enjoying the music of Van Halen — EVH will be missed. And Eddie: If there’s a rock and roll heaven, we know where we’ll find you.  

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