Every action has an opposite and equal reaction which may be seen by the vast array of emotions and feelings that contribute to our joy, pain, heartache, love, tears, happiness, sadness, anxiety, strength, desires and regrets. Every emotion — those complex reactions our bodies have to certain stimuli — along with the accompanying feelings — as we become aware of our physical responses — deserves recognition, acceptance without judgement, and, keen observation.

Not to label them as right or wrong nor good or bad: Compartmentalizing emotions is not usually helpful either. Instead, to witness every emotion. Acknowledge each feeling as clues into our decision-making processes, our coping capabilities, our current self image and information about how we are relating to others.  

The more we are able to carry, observe and hold emotions, regarding ourselves and others, the more we grow stronger. The more we accept all of our emotions as part of our human nature, the more boundaries, barriers, confines imposed upon ourselves by ourselves, as well as those we believe are placed by others will recede, fall back and fade away.

Our emotions have the ability to shape our lives in all sorts of ways. By owning them all, we move from surviving to thriving; to accomplishing and growing healthfully in all ways.

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