Up until I was about 17, I earned money by babysitting. I have so many very vivid babysitting incidents that I can recall, but I want to share one with you today. ✨ I was pouring a glass of milk for this little kid who was about four. Right in the middle of me pouring, he pulled the glass away, and I proceeded to pour the milk all over the floor.  Annoyed I asked: “What did you do that for?” And he looked me straight in the eyes with his big brown eyes and with total seriousness said, “It’s enough.” ✨ I’ve thought about that instance many times over the years because it analogizes so well to situations, conversations, requests and sometimes even people. He wasn’t negotiating. He didn’t ask me to stop and hold the glass while seeing if I would or not. He wasn’t seeking my permission. He made a decision and took decisive action. ✨ Sometimes, without explanations we just need to say, “It’s enough” or “Basta!” as they say in Italian. 

Sometimes we have to stop spinning things a zillion different ways to rationalize whatever we’re rationalizing.  Instead we really need to remove ourselves, set our limits and clearly establish our boundaries. ✨ That’s it. It’s just what I was thinking about. 

Lots of love,

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