Did you know, that on average, women speak 16,215 words per day and men say about 15,669? Now an average mathematically is the middle point of a group of numbers. Back in 2014, researcher Dr. Matthias Mehl, out of the University of Arizona, found at least one person who only spoke about 795 words on average daily — yet on the polar opposite, another used almost 47,000! Interestingly, it was a man that was the least talkative and another man who was the most talkative. Other than that, the distribution balanced out between the sexes.  

Two big additional revelations from the study were just how “average” lives are.  While the study only involved 396 people — they came from varied backgrounds, jobs and incomes. Still, the researchers observed that most of us are not filling our days with wild and crazy things — but rather mundane, everyday tasks…and it is that is what we talk about.  Dr. Mehl also observed that the subtexts around conversation, like listening to music throughout the day, or laughter and scenery varied considerably.  Some seemed to be laughing all the time, finding humor in the ordinary nature of existence, while others rarely laughed at all.

What I find so interesting is that for the most part, despite what you might see on all sorts of social media accounts,  life is filled with every-day, less-than-extraordinary living — with occasional thrills here and there.  Above and beyond the average day and the words we use to describe it  — the primary differences seem to come from music, laughter, physical movement and the intricacies of human connection.  That’s what I’m thinking about today. What do you think?

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