Did you know that there are 110 million people over age 50 living in the US? We’re a  force that’s growing, but then again we always were. The Silver Disobedience crowd has changed trends, markets & the world at every stage of our lives.

By reading more than 600,000 comments (!) in response to my blog posts, I can definitively say, I’m not seeing any signs of us slowing down, albeit we may be changing things up & starting new journeys. More so, the perspective being shared about life at this stage is about living it up — not about getting old or aging. We’re as diverse and multifaceted as we’ve always been. Nobody engaged on this blog wants to be labeled or boxed in. Collectively we’ve fought to define individuality, eschewing categorization. With now more than 300,000 people following Silver Disobedience on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on the new website— we represent a significant view into the perspectives of those 48+. The very large majority of us sees opportunity ahead of us, even if we’re facing significant challenges. It’s beyond impressive to see the many ways in which Silver Disobedients™ are striving to learn and enrich our lives. Our desire to grow & explore is as strong as ever. We see the future positively & as possibilities. We’re an open-minded collective that certainly hasn’t stopped embracing new experiences. In fact, one could conclude that we’re more ready to jump into new situations than ever before! It’s time we were characterized as: ‘Been there, done that. What’s on deck next?’ What’da ya think?

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