Studies show 99.9% of all people worry about their lack of intelligence. If you happen to still be in that 99.9%, remember it’s only one point that makes the difference on an exam between mediocrity and genius. We’re all intelligent and the most important aspect of our intelligence is learning to find, nurture and use our talents. Talent is our natural aptitude and skill. Talent will always rule over intelligence assuming we learn how to harness it.

We’ve all got equal rations of talent, albeit in many different areas. Life satisfaction is about uncovering our unique talents and using each to our advantage.

Often people who focused for years on formal studying don’t comprehend how others who seemed to goof off can end up prospering. The reality is that life experience is a great teacher and most of what we have learned from our individual day-to-day experiences, year-after-year is not covered in any university lecture. In actuality, our times of play are more likely than not, the times we started to notice what we were good at…when we started to notice our talents.

At any stage of life, it is immensely important to nurture our talents. Building, repairing, conversing, teaching, caring, creating, imagineering, coaching, time-management, trouble-shooting, cleaning, organizing, typing, woodworking, decision-making, math, critical thinking, focus, trend-setting, friend-making, adaptability, designing, selling, conflict resolution, detail orientation, drawing, painting, dancing, encouraging, asking questions, writing, future thinking, high energy, juggling, leadership, routine tasks, persuasiveness, a keen eye, planning, problem solving, computing, reliability, research…the list is endless.

What are your talents? How are you nurturing them? Do you use them for work, play or both?  I’d love to know and celebrate them all!

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PS: I have no idea why I chose this photo except that Anastasia Brown aka @mrssugarbrown is very talented in many areas and she took this photo.