#SP Nobody wants to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s nor experience cognitive decline. Yet, how much do you know about maintaining your brain health?  Did you know that there are things you can do today that may reduce your risk for decline from any of these dis-ease states that impact both long- and short-term memory?  

While 2 out of 3 of us are concerned about developing dementia and Alzheimer’s at some point in our lives — 70% of us admit we aren’t very knowledgeable about how to prevent it and what is within our control.  In fact, a recent new study by @MDVIP of over 1,000 people revealed that nearly 46% of Americans failed a Brain Health IQ quiz  

I encourage you to take the test.  The series of true or false questions by #MDVIP are designed to help your knowledge and understanding of these life-stealing conditions and help you to learn about what you can do before it’s too late. You will learn that while age and genetics do play a role— there are many things that we can each choose to start doing today, to reduce our risk and strengthen our ability to remember, learn, concentrate and make everyday decisions.  

For example, did you know that hearing loss is damaging to brain function? That diabetes is a major risk factor for dementia, yet Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable? That lack of sleep can reduce the size of our brains? That there is a strong correlation between our emotional well-being and our brain health? That exercise plays an important role?  

Personal risk is often more within our control than we often realize.  Improving our health and the likelihood of greater longevity begins with access and informed conversations with a qualified doctor who understands the importance of and interactions within the entire human body along with the impact of forces such as depression, other neurological issues, hearing, cholesterol levels, diabetes and more.  

As always, you know I’m about action. Doing what is within our control for living our best life possible.  Hopefully we are all on the crazy train of life for the long haul because, as you know, I’m expecting you at my 137th Birthday party! So, let’s all do what we can to remember that date:  2/27/2027!    Take the test…and mark your calendars!   Love, Dian  (SP) 

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