Visitors to San Francisco—whether first-time or repeat—might be forgiven for feeling bewildered: there is so much to see and do, where does one begin? No short list can possibly do justice to everything worth experiencing in the City by the Bay, but here is a primer for those new to this amazing metropolis.

  • Go across the Golden Gate Bridge: Between San Francisco Bay and Marin County is the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, which has been declared one of the modern wonders of the world (it was opened in 1937 and at that time it was the longest suspension bridge ever created). Made from steel and with a total length of 1.7 miles, it is the most photographed bridge anywhere is the world. There are six lanes of traffic on the bridge carrying millions of passengers every year.
  • Head down to the waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf: San Francisco’s most famous waterfront community is at Fisherman’s Wharf. Here you can experience some fantastic food and enjoy some of the best dining the world has to offer. There are outdoor stands selling fresh Dungeness crab or various gourmet restaurants selling the freshest of fish from that day’s catch. From here, visitors can also arrange to go on many different tours of the area including Segway, walking, boat and many more.

    “San Francisco, United States – August 22, 2013: Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco and historical street car at Pier 43 “

  • Relax at Golden Gate Park: Each year, 13 million people visit Golden Gate Park and explore one of San Francisco’s most amazing places. This picturesque space spans 1,017 acres and has many places to explore and relax. Tourists can discover the lakes, picnic areas, monuments, playgrounds and gardens. Throughout the year, there are a plethora of events and activities that take place in the park. Visitors can even hold your own wedding or special event in the beautiful gardens and take photographs with the stunning scenery as a backdrop.
  • Escape from Alcatraz: One and a half miles off the shore is tiny Alcatraz Island, developed as a military fortification, a military prison as well as a federal prison—the most famous use being the latter, between 1933 and 1963. The thinking behind the federal prison was that the prisoners who caused continual trouble at other prisons would be locked up here. Many infamous prisoners have stayed here, including Al Capone and Robert Franklin Stroud. The island is now a tourist attraction and many people flock here each year to explore the depths of the prison.

    Alcatraz Island and former federal penitentiary on sunny day in San Francisco Bay, California

  • Explore Chinatown: Most major cities have a Chinatown, but San Francisco has four— and the one on Grant Avenue is the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia as well as being the oldest in North America. The area is so big that is encompasses two hospitals, various parks and draws more visitors each year than the Golden Gate Bridge. For visitors looking for authentic Chinese cuisine in San Francisco, there is no point looking anywhere outside of the four Chinatowns to find real traditional Chinese food. Those in the city during the Autumn Moon Festival can visit this Chinese festival for free.
  • Ride the cable car system: San Francisco is very proud of its cable car system, the last manually operated system in the world today. At its peak, tourists would find 23 cable car lines in the city, but today there are just three left. Nearly all of the people who ride the cars today are tourists looking to try something different when in town.

    Historic traditional Cable Cars  

    The first of the cable cars was opened in 1873; due to their popularity and the money they were making, more lines were added. In 1892, the first electric streetcars went into operation, and so the decline of the manual cars began.

  • Watch the San Francisco Giants: AT&T Park is home to the San Francisco Giants, one of the most famous teams in the National League and a genuine household name. The stadium is on the San Francisco Bay and every time the Giants step into the park the stadium and city unites. The current stadium was completed in April 2000 at a cost of $357 million. The San Francisco Giants were originally the New York Gothams and renamed the New York Giants before moving to San Francisco in 1958. They have won the World Series eight times, the most recent being in 2014.

Planning a trip to San Francisco in the near future? Get ready for an experience like no other!

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