Have you ever said to someone:  Could you just stop and take a breath?! This is a fairly common response when we notice someone else’s agitation, emotions and stress rising. Imagine if we could notice the same within ourselves — preventing and/or reducing our tension proactively.

Here’s how we’d benefit:  Take a few deep breaths for even just a minute and inner calm rises as our feel-good endorphins are released and heart rate slows as the increase in oxygen in our bodies hits our bloodstream. Our immunity benefits as our blood, which is now better oxygenated, carries and absorbs nutrients more efficiently to our cells. Likewise, our the lymphatic system, is empowered to detoxify the body, so waste, 70% of which is in the form of gases, is also more efficiently eliminated. Muscles relax — and our heart is a muscle — so blood pressure lowers and heart rate can beat back into a healthier range. Digestion improves because all organs are benefiting from the increased oxygenated blood flow. Plus, our energy and stamina increase while we find ourselves standing taller.

If 2020 has taught us anything good, let it be the importance of doing what we can to improve our strength and immunity — much of which is wholly within our control. It is very rare for a hydrated, relaxed body to become sick. Water, a diet of clean whole food, movement, rest, sleep and breathing are basics for keeping our immune systems fully functioning so we can deal with most pathogens* that we encounter. (*Think “healthy space invaders.”)

Today is a good day to stop, breathe, regroup and assess our goals for strengthening our health and immunity now and for the rest of our lives. You can do this. ✨

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