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How to Help A Loved One Today

(SP) One of the hardest parts about being separated from one another is not having the ability to come together

7 Reasons Why Juggling Is Healthy

If you feel like you’re juggling a zillion things right now…here are a few thoughts on juggling and why today

Take Control of What You Can Control: Nutrition and Exercise

(SP) If you’re a “non-essential” worker who is siting home practicing social separation and monitoring the news for the next

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A Visit to St. Petersburg, Russia: The Trip of a Lifetime

Culture, art, shopping, architecture, food: There are so many things to do and see in St. Petersburg, Russia that trying

Bullish on Istanbul: Sights to See in Turkey’s Largest City

Touring Istanbul’s ornate houses of worship and palaces could keep history buffs and culture hounds busy for weeks, as noted

Angkor Wat and More: The Pleasures of Siem Reap

Siem Reap is best known for the Angkor Temples, but there’s much more to see and do in this historic

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Fresh Start

It’s easy to get stuck in our thoughts. These days countless messages are bombarding our peaceful natures while we may

Alone Time

Do you spend much time alone? Lately we’re all likely spending a bit more time alone to some degree or

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

Ordinary: Plain; undistinguished; of no special quality; common; average. Extraordinary: beyond what is usual; strange; exceptional; noteworthy; phenomenal; amazing; curious;

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Secrets to Success? Don’t Do This!

(SP) Have you ever wanted to know another’s “secrets” for success? The real answers revealed as to “How does she

Eat. Be Fit. And Go.

(SP) Home cooked meals, with healthy wholesome ingredients will always be a kind of luxurious treat in our fast-paced society.

Circadian Rhythms and Health

Circadian rhythms are those physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle primarily related to our internal body

Why “Just” Doesn’t Fit

Sometimes we use the word “just” when describing who we are and what we do. This podcast shares why our

Insight on Understanding Others

It takes patience and compassion to understand another. But isn’t this what we all want? To be understood? This podcast

The Worst has Already Happened

Here’s the good news…no matter what you’re worried about? The worst has already happened…and you handled it!  Don’t believe me…listen

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