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Healthier Models

Want to shape your body into a healthier “model?” Keep reading. Overeating and eating junk starts in our heads when

An Easy Way to Screen for Colon Disease You Don’t Want to ‘Pooh-Pooh’

An Easy Way to Screen for Colon Disease You Don’t Want to ‘Pooh-Pooh’ (SD-SP) Some may think talking about their

Preparing for the Next Doctor’s Appointment: Five Tips

Whether visiting a primary care physician for an annual check-up or a specialist to evaluate a more complex problem, preparation

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Seniors Should Consider These 3 Travel Costs

Senior citizens are able to benefit from a number of discounts and other savings toward their travel expenses. One of

Bullish on Istanbul: Sights to See in Turkey’s Largest City

Touring Istanbul’s ornate houses of worship and palaces could keep history buffs and culture hounds busy for weeks, as noted

Angkor Wat and More: The Pleasures of Siem Reap

Siem Reap is best known for the Angkor Temples, but there’s much more to see and do in this historic

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Buck Up Already!

It takes lots of courage to do what we want, whether it’s something as simple as getting a new haircut

Getting Out of Funky Town

Everyone visits Funky Town at some point. I’m not talking about “Uptown Funk” where Mr. Mars grooves: I’m talking about

The Truth

Truth is something we don’t have to remember. If we keep our truths close to our hearts, they become an

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Being Bathing Suit Ready All Year Takes WORK

This article is part of the CelebrEighty series by Judy Katz… Let’s talk about breakfast. There are countless healthy choices—fruit,

Pet Owners: Got a Natural Disaster Plan?

I have always been an advocate of the importance of planning. As I mentor budding entrepreneurs who have an idea,

Second Act Plans

Whether our Second Act plans include more of what we’re doing today, something entirely different or a combo of all

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