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    Colliding Realizations

    The pathway to personal peace actually resides within the colliding realizations of what we want and what...

    A New Kind of Freedom: Relinquishing Control Over Others

    Today is a good day to try a new kind of freedom. What do you think would...

    Your Rights

    We’ve all had moments when we’ve felt out of control. When circumstances, others or a wave of...

    What Is…Or Isn’t

    We  label the past, present and future purely to make sense of time and where we fit...

    13 Ways to Get a Grip

    There is plenty in life we can’t control. When things feel out of control, it is helpful...


    When we are feeling distress, we’re in a state of anxiety, concern, disappointment, discomfort, heartache and/or perplexity...

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Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day – Gifts for That Someone Special

Valentine’s Day. A day to express your love to your significant others, family and friends…that usually comes with a price

Easy Stretches

Stretching regularly throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to improve flexibility and relieve the stress that builds

Men May be From Mars and Women May be From Venus – But Let’s do our Best to be Healthy on Earth!

In the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” the author, John Gray, highlights differences in the ways

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Eye-Opening Mascaras

I don’t know about you, but age has given me hooded eyes. Because of this I’m perpetually in search of

Get Ready!

YOU ASKED!  I’ve listened! I am SO EXCITED to tell you that very soon Silver Disobedience will be sharing all

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Filters of Life

We all see life through filters whether we realize it or not, whether we want to admit it or not,

Experiential Living to Live More

Lots of research reports that experiences provide greater satisfaction than accumulating yet another thing. Basically, getting experiential is doing anything

How to Ruin a Good Day

There’s a high probability that if we have too much stress in our lives, it’s time to look in the

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All You Need is LOVE

I thought it was only appropriate to write on the topic of LOVE while I am in Paris (known as

ETA? What They Don’t Tell You About is Your ETD

This article is part of the CelebrEighty series by Judy Katz…At 82, perhaps I can be excused for thinking about death.

Ride the Waves at Any Age

It has been about sixty years since Dick Dale’s surf music first hit the airwaves, Gidget learned to surf and

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