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    Questioning Ways to Communicate

    I often wonder about two communication strategies that people employ.  One, is to not ask the question...

    Contradict with Respect

    There is nothing wrong with contradicting another and sharing an opposing perspective. Rather, it all gets down...

    The Non-Neutrality of Choices and Self-Esteem

    Nearly every choice we make and each action we take are reflections of how we feel about...

    Incremental Changes vs. Overhauls

    Sometimes we need to make incremental changes. Sometimes we need to overhaul our entire operating system. Here’s...

    How to Get What You Want

    We all need to learn how to ask directly for whatever it is that we need The...

    Coming in Threes

    If during a conversation someone says the same thing 3 or more times you’ve received very important...

    The Giraffe in the Room

    Even though I consider myself a good communicator, having teenage children in my late 50s  has posed...

    Say Three

    If during a conversation someone says the same thing 3 or more times you’ve received very important...

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Take the Long Way Home: 5 Benefits of Walking

Modern society is sedentary—very much more so than it ought to be for the sake of health. If a person

Swish Yourself Skinny!

We so often forget how interconnected the systems of the body are. Most of us know that maintaining a healthy

An Amazing Fitness Option for Those 65+

#AD By this time of year as warm weather approaches, many of us are having: “I’m glad I did” or

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Seniors Should Consider These 3 Travel Costs

Senior citizens are able to benefit from a number of discounts and other savings toward their travel expenses. One of

Bullish on Istanbul: Sights to See in Turkey’s Largest City

Touring Istanbul’s ornate houses of worship and palaces could keep history buffs and culture hounds busy for weeks, as noted

Angkor Wat and More: The Pleasures of Siem Reap

Siem Reap is best known for the Angkor Temples, but there’s much more to see and do in this historic

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Buts About It…

Want to bridge serious communication gaps? Remember this: Truth in communication usually comes after the word “but.” I like you,

What Really Matters

Some things do matter. Illness and death are big matters. Having an income matters and it’s very stressful when money

What I Read

I’m often asked: “What do you read?” My answer: “Everything!” I recently finished Keith Richard’s book, “Life”, then “The Art

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Adjusting the ‘Green Screen’ of Your Life

This article is part of the CelebrEighty series by Judy Katz…For many years—37 to be exact—I have been the proud

Sunburn: That’s Only the Obvious Sign of Sun Damage

(SD-SP) Having lived in NYC for 35+ years, people are surprised when I tell them I love the great outdoors.

Beautiful Budapest: What to See and Do?

Hungary’s capital city Budapest—which is actually made up of three unified cities, with Buda and Óbuda on the west bank

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