At the beginning of last summer while sitting under a loosely hanging bird feeder, I was trying to plant grass in a pot.  After loading fresh dirt into the pot, I stood up, knocked my head into the bird feeder and tons of birdseed spilled into the fresh dirt. Annoyed with myself I started digging through the dirt to remove the seeds. Without much success and suddenly impatient as I wanted to move onto my next project, I shoved the seeds down into the soil, planted the grass on top and added more dirt.

What seemed like an unfortunate event at the time has become a blooming source of inspiration. Sunflowers have been popping up for the past few weeks.  All despite the odds and without my encouragement, hopes or cares.  I never expected them, didn’t consider their potential and did nothing to encourage their growth.

Still, they have surprised me and filled me with joy.  There’s a lesson in this. 

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