(SD-SP) Having lived in NYC for 35+ years, people are surprised when I tell them I love the great outdoors. It offers so many ageless recreational activities like biking, hiking, camping, and fishing that older and younger generations can enjoy together. Oh, and the fresh air! When I am outdoors experiencing nature’s beauty, I try to remember to slow down and breathe. I love mountain and forested air because of the broader array of colors and the smell of dirt. I am awed by the power and sound of water from the oceans. But I feel the most connected to nature when I am in the woods with the browns of the earth, the shades of green of the leaves from buds to treetops, and the varied florals. 

There’s only one thing that is not so “great” about the outdoors: The likelihood of sun damage. In my youth, I ended up with way too many sunburns, the most obvious sign of sun damage. But there are other signs of sun damage such as age spots, uneven pigmentation, melasma, freckles, moles, wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, spider veins and tanning. While some sun damage might already be done, it is never too late to protect your skin from future damage. 

So, how do I protect my skin? I keep it covered. But not just with any clothing. The average cotton t-shirt provides an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of only 5-7. So, thank goodness for Coolibar, a world leader in UPF 50+ fabric technology, that blocks 98% of UV rays. Sporting their super soft and comfortable clothes and accessories is a no-brainer! Coolibar is recommended by dermatologists worldwide and has The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation! When I put on my Coolibar shirts, dresses, pants, (you name it, I have it!), not only do I feel stylish (there are so many fun prints, colors, and options to choose from!) but I am comforted knowing I am protecting my skin from further sun damage! 

Coolibar has your back (and literally every other part of your body!) with their protective clothing that allows you to continue to do all the GREAT things the great outdoors has to offer!