Black Panther is breaking records, as did Wonder Woman. Next up the Avengers return, followed by Deadpool, Ant Man, Wasp, Aquaman, X-Men, Spider-Man and the Incredibles. Hollywood knows the appeal of Super Heroes & there’s no sign of a slow-down for death-defying, courageous acts on the big screen.

Action movies make it seem like all we need are a cape, bulging muscles, character & courage to deal with adversity —regardless of the nemesis. In reality, when facing personally traumatic events, summoning courage is a lot more complex. It takes tremendous courage to rush into a burning building, arrive at the scene of an accident, fight wars, deal with trauma & care for ill people. It also takes courage to stand up for ourselves at work, share feelings with loved ones, confront unforeseen health issues, deal with financial setbacks & imagine our later years in life on a budget.

Courage is more than putting on a cape. To strengthen daily courage, keep these ideas in mind: • Courage begins with thinking vs. action. Rational thoughts conquer emotional & physical fear.• Action will be necessary (That’s why they’re called ACTION Heroes!) We can’t just hope for a solution. It will take courage to face the truth & figure out what actions are necessary for us to win the battle at hand. • Stop procrastinating. Super Heroes make decisions and move—even if it triggers all kinds of other twists & turns! At least they’re not just standing around thinking about the situation while the World collapses.• Forget Doomsday! There’s “no time” for catastrophic thinking in our Super Suits! • Like Star Lord (my favorite!) or Captain America (my 2nd fav) we must draw on our very human emotional strength. Accept our limitations, recruit help, stay calm & find ways to comfort ourselves.• Keep a moral compass. We can do the right thing because we have experience with adversity. Knowing what we value will serve as a huge source of strength.• Life takes courage. But my bet says your super powers will come to the rescue.

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