The fun thing about clothing is that we each get to decide how we want to present ourselves to the world. The desire to make such statements starts early. I remember that by the time our daughter was two — my say in what she would wear was long gone. Her personal sense of style was as strong as her big personality, albeit in a very tiny body.

We all develop a personal sense of style — whether we realize it and admit to it…or not. Personally, I like edgy clothes — preferably something Mick Jagger might wear — but it still must feel amazingly comfortable the minute I slip it on.  Gone are the days I’m going to suffer for any outfit…or a pair of shoes for that matter.

I’ve learned over the years that fashion is a language. When I first started in business, as much as I’d have liked to wear a vintage KISS t-shirt to a meeting, I knew that wasn’t going to speak the language of the deal I wanted to strike. So, I complied with the attire that fit the role or conversation.

Now as I’m more comfortable with myself and what I offer in most any situation, my style has come to reflect that. Classic, cool, edgy, confident…and flexible! 

In this photo I’m wearing another cool outfit by Ruti.  Please check out her designs at   They’re made with stylish women in mind!

 I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience ✨ (sp)