Sometimes we get stuck because we’re trying hard to make the “right” decision. What we really need to focus on is making the decisions that we do make, right.

Whether forced or voluntary, decision-times are inevitable. Life requires decisions at every phase. For the most part, decisions are made by assessing the desirability of options or their worthiness. Sometimes decision-time is forced upon us & we must make our choices in a timely or urgent manner; other times decision-making seems to linger endlessly while we debate pros and cons.

Decisions represent a choice at a moment in time and an attempt to create resolution. While we may be waiting for more information, we won’t always have what we think we need to to know to make the best decision. Sometimes we must choose based on only what we know in the moment.

In our hearts we usually know what we want to choose. Still, we may seek opinions of others, as an attempt to reinforce our choice. We’re hoping others will agree with what we consciously or subconsciously believe is the right choice…and we’re looking for external validation. So, about that, who’s to say, other than ourselves, what is rational or right for us?

Choices reflect individual beliefs, history, experiences & perceptions. Try as we might to apply opinions of others, or even sometimes logic, emotions will most likely impact our decisions.

For this reason, take your time. Decide when you’re ready. And when you’re ready, that will be good enough to proceed as best as you can muster. Move forward into the unknown. Remember, regardless of our choices today, life is not written in stone…nor are our choices.

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