Do you stretch? Stretching feels good! It can be done almost anywhere. It helps us relax as it connects our minds to stress building in our bodies. 

Stretching requires little exertion; limbers up the body; can relieve aches and pains associated with weakness, inflexibility, poor posture; releases muscular tension, improves posture & balance; encourages body acceptance & awareness; acts as a natural tranquilizer — releasing mental & emotional tension; and refreshes physical stress & fatigue.

With all the benefits, why wouldn’t you reach for the stars, (and your toes!) regularly throughout the day.

Gently reach, bend, stretch. No need to push limits. This isn’t a contest. 

If you need some ideas, I posted an article on my website, that shares a variety of easy-to-do stretches. You can find it in the Contributors section at SilverDisobedience.Rocks  (link is in my bio)  

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