We’ve all witnessed moments of miraculous strength and fortitude. When it’s as if something awoke from deep within another to surmount a challenge that seemed otherwise impossible because time had run out. 

These moments surround us. From entertainment when the basketball player astounds us by flying through the air for a dunk that wins the game or the skateboarder who equally flies over a staircase landing on the other side— when most are seeking a railing for support instead of a ride! 

There are the more serious moments, too:  The firefighter who rushes into a burning building to save a life. The police who arrive at an accident and pry open steel to free a crash victim before the car explodes. The first responders who breathe life back into another.

There are the ever day displays of strength within each of us as well. When we listen when we want to scream. When we hold the hand of someone dying, when we want to hide and deny this fact of life. The child we hold and cuddle to assuage their fears, when in fact we may still be harboring many of the same fears within ourselves.

Life is an endless opportunity to showcase our strengths.  It’s our movie. We direct the script. We each choose our roles.  The daily role can be minor — yet still be quite memorable based on a single display of stellar performance.  

No matter what is happening today we have that strength deep within us. We have the power to act and to meet life head on. To pull strength from deep within us to move forth through our difficulties. We’ve had a lifetime of experiences that have given us powerful momentum to meet life on whatever terms it’s currently offering. It’s helpful to remember that when it’s time to act.

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