“Keep your side of the street clean,” is a great phrase for reminding ourselves that while we cannot control the actions of others, we can take responsibility for our own choices. It is just one of the many amazingly memorable and insightful one-liners that I learned while reading lots of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) materials so I could help support friends and private clients struggling with alcoholism (or those living with an alcoholic) while also seeking to improve my own psychological education and understanding.

To keep our side of the street clean…

If we make a mistake, we can apologize.

If we unintentionally hurt someone, we can change our actions.

If we fail to fulfill our promises to ourselves, we can restart and try again.

If someone hurts us, we can forgive them and release our resentment.

Dwelling doesn’t work. We have to step out of our dwelling place and start cleaning up what isn’t working, needs resolution, requires action or resets the mood so we can move on into a healthier mental state, mood or environment with peace.  The action of cleaning up starts with our willingness to work on our own side of the street first, before worrying about anybody else’s mess. 

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