Worry happens when we obsess on negative thoughts, images or emotional turmoil that seems to get stuck in repeat mode. When we’re worrying about something, it usually indicates that we’re feeling inadequate to deal with the real or imagined risk, threat or potential consequences.

Regardless of our age or stage in life, we can get stuck in worry and it can be triggered by very real issues such as health, relationships (personal or otherwise) or finances.

Do you worry about worrying too much? A little worrying is ok, but when it gets excessive, you are stealing your own happiness in the moment.

Here are four strategies to get a grip on worrying.

1) Set a mental time limit. Whenever our minds start to wander in a negative direction, if we can’t stop it right away, play a game by setting a time limit. Tell yourself, “OK, I’ve got 10 minutes to worry about this. Then it’s time to move on.” Surprisingly, this often ends the worry more quickly.

2) Ask will it matter a year from now? Often, whatever we’re stuck on is temporary. It really won’t matter in the longterm, it is just sidetracking us in the moment. SO, we want to ask, “Will this matter next week? Next year? In three years?” Our answer will usually add perspective and balance regarding whatever we’re obsessing on.

3) No What Ifs…I learned this from my son. He skateboards and does really crazy tricks that sane people would not try without a skateboard. When I would say, “Why are you trying that? What if you get hurt?” He’d look at me and say: “I focus on landing the trick, Mom, not what can go wrong. I’ll never get the trick if I’m thinking about getting hurt.” So while I often wish he’d chose Ping Pong as his sport…I can’t argue with his “No what ifs”…lesson.

4) Lastly, remind yourself that you’ve managed to handle all that life has thrown in your direction in the past. So, the odds are in your favor that you can deal with whatever is happening in the moment…which is all you have.

While none of us can expect to become completely worry-free because we all face daily unknowns…the impact of worry can be dealt with much more easily by adopting a strategic worrying strategy! Tell me how you’re managing…

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