Sometimes I walk around the streets of New York, and find myself thinking about the fact that every single person I pass has a story and a life that I know nothing about. Just like I grow and go through challenges and changes, so does everyone else. Each of us has and holds a full spectrum of inner workings that are ours, that do not necessarily involve, nor will they be shared, with others. 

All of us are on intertwined yet separate journeys. Each of us trying to understand not only ourselves, but how we relate to others and the world at large: Arranging our own sense of happiness, satisfaction and meaning. 

At times we feel connected. Our ideals, dreams and visions are aligned. Sometimes we feel estranged: Disconnected and apart. Sometimes even simply acknowledging or imagining another’s life and existence, not only a stranger’s, is an incomprehensible challenge. 

Still, we do our best to interpret what another thinks or feels. Trying to read eyes and interpret the meaning. We may get closer, yet never fully understand. And this is OK. Others are doing the same. Never fully understanding us either. It’s not easy. We come close. We hit sometimes and miss others. Communication and intimacy are challenging. Yet, striving for connection is worth the effort. When we reinforce our belief in another, we do the same for ourselves. 

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