We often unconsciously put a lid on our hearts, which are our own unlimited sources of power. We seal up our potential for greater enjoyment and rewards in any relationship or circumstance by blindly allowing our minds to roam. This is why stopping to do nothing except breathe and clear our thoughts is vital to increasing our sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Our heart is our source of power. As long as it is beating, we are alive with potential to fulfill our greatness. Envision your heart as a spring of water or a fountain: Energy ready to flow forth into the world, refreshing all in its path. Our thoughts are like streams. As such, they can get blocked. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that obstructions in a river are called a “Dam(n)?!”   

Our thoughts are immensely powerful. When we allow our energy to flow forth, springing up from our hearts, our thoughts stream positively. When we plug our energy with negative thinking, the connection between our hearts and minds becomes obstructed (dammit!), and life, people and situations feel like they are drowning our spirit.

The only way to keep the heart and mind connection flowing with positive energy is to stop and breathe. To take a moment to clear out all thoughts. To allow our hearts to fulfill their role of helping to move fresh oxygen into our lungs, through our veins and into our brains. 

If there is only one extra thing you can squeeze into today to make your life a bit better, do this: Stop and breathe. Take the minute. Even better, take three to four one-minute breaks throughout your day. When you can, do this for two minutes or longer: Nothing but breathing with eyes closed or while looking at a pleasant image. Stop, breathe, clear your head. This is how we reconnect our hearts and minds. 

This is Silver Disobedience® philosophy. I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience A Perception Analyst who shares my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People.  More info in my profile link to website.