Have you ever wondered if it’s time to step out of the shadow of your comfort zones? ✨So much of our lives are routine-oriented. These “patterns”—including all that’s involved in raising children, working and other responsibilities—typically have us set in pattern-mode. Psychologists believe that patterns tend to minimize stress. Now, I don’t think anyone is claiming that kids or work are stress-free—but knowing there’s a routine to the day seems to be perceived by some as less stressful. Perhaps this is because we think we know what is happening from one day to the next.  ✨ When people begin contemplating any change—work, moving, etc.—the change in routine can be paralyzing. Even if we don’t like a particular pattern, we know it, we know what to expect to some degree and we are used to it. Therefore, we worry and resist change because we may fear contemplating what might happen if things get changed up. ✨THIS is all delusional thinking. ✨ Every day we are alive, the risk is omnipresent that life as we know it will change in moments. Illness, accidents, loss of work, divorce, death, empty nests, retirement, starting a new career, marriages, new kids, blended families—the list goes on and on. Silver Disobedience® is a state of mind whereby we opt to gently push the boundaries of our comfort zones by doing things a bit differently. Getting more comfortable with accepting the inevitable changes of daily living makes it easier to deal with new and unanticipated changes. We can learn to brainstorm new ideas and solutions, channeling our creativity and arriving at new heights of satisfaction. How do we do this? We choose to do something different every day. ✨ Whether it’s a big or little change is irrelevant: Saying hi to someone we pass regularly but usually don’t acknowledge. Taking a class. Going for a walk in a new direction. The differences we add to our daily routines recalibrate our thinking. ✨ The Silver Disobedience® mindset knows that “new” can be difficult, uncomfortable, a challenge or—just plain new and different. Yet we do it anyway.  ✨How can you find new ways to step out of your comfort zones?  ✨