’Together’ people have ‘not so together’ moments. Everybody has those times when the stress of day-to-day life makes us feel like we’re about to crack, blow a gasket, explode, collapse, fall, unravel, lose it and erupt. To assume otherwise is a really good way to beat ourselves up. And, why would we ever want to do that?! Answer: We wouldn’t.

The goal is to accept that stress, anger, frustration and anxiety are energies that build and can be transformed like every other form of energy.

So, this is why we breathe. It’s #NationalMeditationDay  A great time to recognize the signs of tension building.

Tension usually starts in our minds with a conversation that feels like we can’t shut it off. We all know how it goes: We’re thinking about what we should have said or done, could have or would have.  Then it moves to our chest triggering shallow breathing or holding our breath. Before long we’re filled with tension and our fuse is very short. It won’t take much to light us up. Watch out, we’re ready to let it rip…

Observe the mental conversation. Stop. Take a breath. Then, do it again and again. Find a private space. Even a public bathroom stall works. The minute that conversation is stuck on ‘repeat.’

Close your eyes. Breathe. Let that tension diffuse from your body with every breath. Breathe deeply then allow yourself to fall into steady breaths. Notice the relaxation as it begins to flow through your body. Recognize the sensation. It feels wonderful. The more you do this, and become consciously aware of how good it feels, the more you can make “stopping and breathing” a beneficial habit.

Today is a great day to begin a new habit. Make it one that benefits every aspect of your life.   Take a break. Whether for a minute or 30…Breathe. Don’t wait. Do it today.

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PS: If you look closely at this photo– you’ll see the NYC Subway Orange Steam Release Pipe in the Background!