While I may become unpopular for saying this, I believe that there’s a time limit or statute of limitations for permitting personal lingering in the misery for all the ways we’ve been wronged in our lives.   

I’m not going to say what that limit is, just that there are limits.

Here’s why:  When we hold on to old stories, retelling them over and over again — about the ways we were hard done by from life or others — we keep those stories alive and very real in our minds.

Yet, the fact is, they actually have nothing to do with today. For the most part, they are no longer relevant to who we are today and who we can choose to be in the very moment. And if perhaps they still hold relevancy for a variety of possible reasons, maybe it’s time to only retell such tales if we are choosing to feature our strengths and how our journey unfolded for the better in certain ways because we had no choice but to face adversity or challenges.

Today is a good day to open up the docket and decide what recollections have done their time and must now be released.

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