I love New York City…but I also love leaving it for one reason: To look up at the stars which are very hard to see in NYC because of the 24-hour bright city lights. 

I like stars gazing because stars are reliable. They are also “grounding” which is kind of ironic. The 88 constellations have been brightening dark nights for over 3,000 years. They offer  hope as they twinkle in the same formations that can be admired month after month, year after year, season after season.

If you’re ever feeling lonely, go outside late at night and look up to the sky. Seek out which constellations are most visible wherever you are on Earth, during the particular season.

Find your special stars. Speak to them. Release your troubles into the Universe. Know that something mighty and powerful created those stars. Trust in it. Believe that you are being watched over.

Do this often enough and soon you’ll find the power of the stars twinkling in your eyes. 

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