Did you ever consider the fact that each of us is an important character charged with giving our best performance in the great play called ‘Life’?  Isn’t that cool? We each get a role as an actor in the biggest production in the World! Not only that, because of free will, we get to write the script, select our lines and choose exactly how we want to act, move & respond. We’re in charge of our performance each day. We have the ability to sway moods and emotions based on our actions. The rewards from our performance, our efforts invested in our multitude of relationships and daily scenarios, will unfold from the choices, judgements and actions we decide to take. As actors we’re e-motional beings. Driving energy. We choose the vibe of the show (or our day…) While others can critique the show — positively or negatively because we each get to exercise our free will — it is our individual decision to choose happiness or unhappiness with our performance at the end of each day… because emotion always follows actions.

Dian Griesel is Chief Influencer at Silver Disobedience™ and a new Icon Model at Wilhelmina Models More than 1,000 people have hired her as their corporate and/or personal Strategist over the past 25+ years. An author of several books, Dian is an active blogger on all aspects of life and the wonders of age and aging.

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We’ve got a great discussion going here for those over fifty; (over 50), the elderly according to society; seniors to some; just plain over 50 years old; fifty plus …or anyone alive and rocking life who simply wants to come to this party!