Sometimes life seems to be moving very slowly, far too slow for my liking. At other times, life seems to be flying by. Whatever sense of time I’m experiencing, I’m not afraid of time going fast or slow, but rather, what kind of scares me most is stagnating, the idea of “killing time” or not challenging myself to grow. 

I don’t worry much about the stumbles I will make when I’m growing forward. I don’t even worry about whether I might have to crawl to get to where I want to go. 

But stagnating I do worry about because it sucks energy. I also believe it is an active form of depression, because if we are in a state of stagnation, I think we are really depressing (or pushing down deep within our spirits) the very thing(s) that we might want to do. 

This is why I write a lot about visualizing and then putting action behind the thoughts. It’s the best way I know of to feel pumped up and invigorated. Soon, anticipation and excitement begin to build in the form of a special kind of energy.  And this happens if I, or you, are  not 100 percent sure of the ultimate destination…or how to get there.    

Each day, we get to decide on our direction. Yes, I realize we all have obligations and plenty of them — but we also have plenty of time during a day when we could make some different choices, if we wanted. Sure, a few adjustments might be necessary, but time is there if we want to find it.

So if you decide to start adventuring…and you find yourself worrying you’re going in the wrong direction, remember this: There will be forks in the road and decisions to be made. Full stop. That’s a fact whether we choose to act or not. And, whether we choose to take the right turn or left, it will be all right and we will have left behind indecision.