You want something to bring you happiness? Spring is officially here and if that alone doesn’t get you excited than maybe thinking about spring cleaning might! According to Steve Scoggin interim chair of psychiatry at Wake Forest Baptist Health, “Removing dust, dirt and disorder from your environment provides you with a cleaner, more comfortable atmosphere so you can feel happier and more relaxed.” Time to get your spring cleaning on! Here are ideas on places to start in your house that will leave you happier, healthier, and with a better memory!

Junk Drawer

The best place to start is that drawer that you throw things into because it just doesn’t quite have a place. It often consists of outdated electronics, batteries, appliance manuals, paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands, a few expired coupons and tools – just to name a few. It has no order and chances are the items in the drawer are overflowing causing it not to close properly. Go through the drawer, item by item, and decide if it should be kept, trashed, or donated. Determine if there is a better place in your house for the item. You want to give that drawer not just an organizational makeover but a purpose!

Medicine Cabinet

Have you accumulated a lot of supplements and vitamins over the years? Time to go through the cabinet that houses all of your supplements and get rid of what you are no longer taking. According to Healthline, it isn’t dangerous to take an expired vitamin, but it may be a waste of time — and money — if it has lost its potency. Make room for new supplements that you might want to add to your daily routine such as the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ Memory+, that are backed by ten years of memory research and four clinical studies.  They are proven to improve three aspects of memory in as little as 8-12 weeks! One aspect of memory that CocoaVia™ Memory+ improves is spatial memory, so it can help you remember where you put all those items that were previously in the “junk drawer”! Taking the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ Memory+ also increases word recall and improves long-term memory.


Some people struggle with getting rid of clothes, even when they don’t wear them. Maybe it will come back in style? There might be a special occasion where this would be perfect for?  It’s time you implement the reverse hanger trick. Take all of your clothes on hangers and put them in your closet backward, with the open end of the hanger facing your direction. Every time you wear something, hang it back the usual way. Next spring (giving you plenty of time and opportunities to wear your clothes) you will know exactly what you didn’t wear. Time to let those clothes go and let someone else enjoy them by donating them!


With people at home more than ever before, your couch has gotten a lot of use this past year. Chances are you will find more than just loose change under those cushions! Time to take off the cushions and vacuum underneath them thoroughly. Follow the instructions and clean the covers properly. If applicable, rotate and switch the cushions to keep their shape!

Bring some happiness into your life this spring by cleaning out your house and getting organized. Try to remember to do this every year, which will be easier to do with CocoaVia™ Memory+!  (SD SP)