In spring, projects and plans that have been chilling in the recesses of our minds all winter start to come to the surface just like flowers. Many of us start housecleaning to clear out the old and prepare for new possibilities. We seek to eliminate what we no longer need: Shedding the things that have been crowding our homes that may be broken, no longer applicable, past their time and/or suitable for a donation or yard sale.   

Spring is also a wonderful time to clear stuff stored in our minds and bodies. 

Maybe we were less inspired to move our bodies because it was cold: Is the phrase “add a spring to our step” a coincidental double entendre or a reminder to get moving? It’s time to reinvigorate our bodies with more activity: yard work, housecleaning, car washing, gardening, walking and exercising. No time is better than now to start a new routine that gets our gears in motion.    

But how about the mental stuff that’s been taking up space for too long? We’ve got a certain amount of room between our ears and no space to store junk. Spring is an excellent time to inventory our lives and desires. Have we always wanted to learn something new? Start dancing, cooking, photographing, fixing engines, painting? Look for new work?  Figure out new ways to enjoy time with our significant others? Reconnect with friends and family? Maybe even reach out with an apology to someone? Offer a budding branch of peace that leaves the bitterness of winter behind us?   

While we can’t go back to redo our beginnings, we can refresh, make plans and take actions for our time today. We can choose to live like spring has blossomed—and so have we—with a fresh new perspective on how we’re going to live this new season upon us. 

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