Halloween jokes are spooktacularly fun. Try these corny jokes with your favorite pumpkin heads!

What type of dog does Dracula own?  A blood hound!

What do witches use to hold their hairstyles? Scare spray!

What day do ghosts howl the most?  Moanday!

Who won the vampire race? Nobody. They were neck-n-neck!

How do vampires start a letter? Tomb it May Concern!

Why was the store empty? Too many Boo-rgain Haunters!

Why won’t skeletons take risks? They have no guts!

Why did the zombie stay in his coffin? He felt rotten!

Why do ghosts avoid rain? It dampens their spirits!

What did the wizard say to the twin witches? Which witch is which!

Why are vampires so unpopular? Because they’re a pain in the neck!

Who did the monster take to the dance? His ghoul friend!

What does a skeleton order for dinner? Spare ribs!

Why couldn’t the ghost see her Mom & Dad? They were trans-parent!


Which Monster is my favorite dance partner?  The Boogie Man!

Happy Haunting!

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