September 11th is a day life changed forever for me and many others. I don’t like to talk about the events, see the news nor rehash any aspect of this day. But I do want to talk about my reflective aftermath.

Embrace spontaneity. We don’t like to be spontaneous because we feel it threatens our sense of order, takes us out of control or risks exposing us to others. 

Embrace spontaneity. Be you. Tell those you love that you love them. Get over your anger quickly. Holding onto it is just a wast of time. Give genuine hugs often to others. Do what you think you can’t do because you’re too busy. Get out and meet people and welcome them into your lives. 

We all live life thinking 50 is midlife. Well if I learned anything back in 2001, I learned for sure the fallacy of that illusion.

We never know when life will end. It is a gift to be embraced today.  

Yesterday I had the truly wonderful experience of being interviewed at iHeartRadio for 1067 lite FM by the remarkable Helen Little. Helen is spontaneity personified. She’s glorious, and just listening to her voice brought me back to my years of listening to late night radio in the mid to late 1970s when the dreamy DJs took us on musical journeys with their dialog and music.  Helen’s energy and warmth have me smiling today on a day I feel sad, yet happy that I’m lucky enough to now have a new very special friend.  

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